The Well is a National network of talented creative freelancers. From time-to-time we get asked by clients to help with Fulltime permanent positions that they're struggling to get traction on. Those positions will be listed here if they are still open.

  • Megan McCarthy

    Founder & CEO, powerWHYS Technologies

    “ As a Startup, we were able to hire some of the highest quality, local talent when we needed it and when we had small cash injections to do so. Many Startups are often hindered by the lack of funding to support full time salaries. ”

  • Jillian Blackman, BPR

    Brand Specialist - PharmaChoice Head Office

    “ The Well provides me exactly what I need, when I need it. No added costs, no complications. I can always count on The Well to find me a specialist whose advice I can trust, and who I know will do a great job on a fair budget. ”