Account Manager (Advertising Agency) at The Well - Creative Consultants

The Well - Creative Consultants

Account Manager (Advertising Agency)

Full-Time in Yellowknife, YT - Associate

I have an amazing opportunity for an experienced Marketer. You are a detail oriented fiend. You will go to the ends of the earth to help your clients. Your marketing prowess is second to none. And you're a super fun person to be around.

Tall order?

You bet it it is. We expect a lot. But this commitment will pay dividends. Incredible agency, well established with a wonderful culture. We're looking for someone to work with a small team in Iqaluit and a much larger group in Yellowknife. Your experience will help them grow. Your guidance will be crucial to clients.

Maybe you're in the North already - working in marketing or at another agency. Or maybe you've always wanted to explore Canada's North.

Either way - I'd love the opportunity to connect with you and talk to you about this cool opportunity. Click APPLY and I'll get back to you asap.